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5 days | 4 nights
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Tour Description

Two hours from Puerto Maldonado down the Madre de Dios river, at the heart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, you will find the Eco Amazonia Lodge, a small paradise inside the Tambopata National Reserve.

With 50 bungalows built from local sustainable materials, Eco Amazonia Lodge puts a strong focus on social responsibility while providing a high standard of comfort and safety for their guests.

It is the gateway to explore the Tambopata National Reserve, an area rich in lush vegetation, amazing landscapes, and wildlife, where spectacular waterfalls feed the many lagoons that herons, kingfishers, caimans, and giant otters populate, where hundreds of macaws come daily in search of minerals on the claylicks, where monkeys and tapirs run free, where birds nest near palm swamps and where hikers take time to rest on the sandy beaches of the river.

If you are looking for an authentic experience in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, rest assured that Eco Amazonia Lodge will deliver on all your expectations. 



Trip at a glance


AMAZON RAINFOREST & RIVER (Puerto Maldonado): Caiman Lagoon-Lake Apu Victor, Monkey Island, Lost Lagoon, Botanical Garden, Gaminata or Briolo River

Trip details




You driver will be waiting for you at Padre Aldamiz, Puerto Maldonado international airport. After a 15-minute transfer to the port of Puerto Capitanía you will board a motorized riverboat to sail down the Madre de Dios river to your lodge (2 hours).

On your way out of town, you will glide past farmland dedicated to plantations and livestock. The riverbanks rolling to the side of your boad host colorful plants like the large-flowered heliconias and they are often visited by Amazonian wildlife such as capybaras, caimans, water turtles, herons, cormorants, carrion birds and various birds of prey.

The lodge's staff will be waiting to welcome you on the property with a well-deserved fresh fruit juice before taking you to your comfortable private bungalow. Once you are settled in your room, a sumptuous lunch will be served in the rustic-chic dining room. 


In the afternoon, your specialized guide will take you through an interpretive trail, conveniently signposted, to Caiman Cocha, a little lagoon where black caimans and the more common caimans abound. They feed on the rich fish population that inhabits the pond.

At dusk, enjoy nature's warmest performance while the sun sets over the Amazon basking the jungle in spectacular colors with blaring hues and intensities. 


Back at the lodge, feast on a delicious dinner with Amazonian flavour and enjoy some free time to share unforgettable moments at the bar. With an excellent game room and an extensive bar list, relax under the southern stars as the melody of the jungle lulls you to a sweet dreamy night. 

  • Lunch at the lodge
  • Dinner at the lodge


After breakfast, your guides will take you on a hike through the deep forest along clear signposted trails. On the way, you will cross the river to reach high-elevation forests, before going downhill to explore floodable forests and eventually climb up again. Throughout your journey into the wild, your guide will open your eyes to an environment teeming with flora and fauna.

Learn about the medicinal plants and fruit trees sustaining the animal and human populations in the Amazon forests. Among these well-used resources are the moriche palm, mahogany, chestnut, catahua, cedar, trumpet-wood, copaiba and shihuahuaco.


This is also the opportunity to spot large mammals like the Brazilian tapir and the white-lipped peccary, the peculiar rodents of the jungle like the giant otter, the capybara, the spotted paca and the armadillo, the playful primates like the coto, the howler monkey, the squirrel monkey, the lion monkey and the black-cap capuchin monkey, the elusive reptiles like the iguana and the bothrops atrox and the numerous birds like the guan, the partridge, the golden parakeet and the blue, yellow and red macaw. In the rainy jungle you will see insects such as butterflies (Lepidoptera), scarabs (Coleoptera), crickets, cicadas, ants and lots of centipedes and millipedes.

Stop at the majestic Lake Apu Victor with its crystal clear waters, surrounded by marshes and giant trees.

Head up to the observation deck, with its breathtaking view over the lake. From there you can watch the active canopy of the rainforest with its parrots, macaws, toucans, camungos, shanshos and herons as well as the caimans and turtles in the lake below. The giant otter, one of the most cutest critters of the rainforest might also make a shy appearance.

A wide variety of fishes enters Lake Apu Victor with the flooding of (heavy) rainy season. In addition, there are other species of fauna associated to the lake, like the yellow-footed tortoise, the mata mata, the twist-necked turtle, the freshwater blenny, the kinkajou, the white-tailed deer, the Central American agoutis and the giant otter of the Amazon rainforest.

Back in the lodge, a refreshing lunch will be waiting for you.


In the afternoon,your specialized guide will take you to Monkey Island, a unique island river, a short boat ride from the lodge up the Madre de Dios River. Amidst extraordinary landscapes and exuberant vegetation, meet the various species of monkeys in their natural habitat. Maquisapas, capuchins, small lion monkeys, frailes, cotos along with other Amazonian mammals like the coati and the sloth and of course a great variety of birds. 

End your visit to the island with another extraordinary sunset before heading back to the lodge downstream. 


Enjoy a relaxing evening with an exquisite dinner. 

  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Lunch at the lodge
  • Dinner at the lodge


After breakfast, set off on to explore the primary forest with a local guide.

Huking through untouched parts of the forest this interpretive tour follows well-maintained tracks. The path crosses many rope bridges over the tributary streams of the Madre De Dios river where fauna and flora thrive.

Your guide will point out ornamental plants with unparalleled beauty on your way to the Lost Cocha.

As the river beds change with the season they leave behind wetland systems, lakes, ponds and lagoons like the spectacular Lost Cocha. 


Wetlands play a great part in the biodiversity of the Amazon providing a perfect ecosystem for a substantial biological source of endemic species and an ideal shelter for mammals. These swamps make 60% of the area protected and restored by the Eco Amazonia Lodge.  The presence of moriche palm is very important for Amazonian ethnic groups. It is a mystery plant considered to be the mother of the forest or the tree of life.

The swamp is home to jealous guardians like the jaguar, considered the son of the swamp, the anaconda, the world's biggest snake, the black caiman, guardian that punishes those that dare steal the female moriche palm fruit and the owl that sees everything from its dwelling at the top of the trees, to cure all ills.

Climb up to the Concha's observation platform and from this lookout, you will be able to grasp the vastness covered by this magic place and you will be able to make out two types of swamps: thick and mixed.

Back on the ground, take a pleasant walk around the Lost Cocha with the hope to spot the Pteronurabrasiliensis, the Amazon giant otter, the biggest in the otter family and one of the most impressive animals in the jungle.

Back at the lodge, enjoy the fresh air while savouriong your exquisite lunch.


Free time or botanical garden visit. 


This evening you will be served another delicious dinner and have time to relax or enjoy a fun night at the bar and game room. 

  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Lunch at the lodge
  • Dinner at the lodge



After breakfast, start your day sailing through the magic Amazon rainforest on the Madre de Dios River all the way to the Gamitana or Briolo rivers for a fun and refreshing experience.

Dive into the crystal clear waters for a relaxing swim and cast your line to catch some of the local fish.

Hiking in the area, you will be able to spot countless birds, caimans, turtles while marveling at the majestic panorama over the Madre de Dios river. 

Visit a local farming family in the heart of the rainforest along the banks of Madre de Dios River. 

Back at the lodge, you will get to enjoy a refreshing lunch. 


Free time or botanical garden visit. 


Farewell dinner. 

  • Breakfast at the lodge
  • Lunch at the lodge
  • Dinner at the lodge



Early breakfast, then boat transfer to the port of Puerto Maldonado (2 hour). 

Transfer by bus to the airport. 

  • Breakfast at the lodge


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What's included


4 nights at Ecoamazonia Lodge


Full board plan
4 breakfasts + 4 lunches + 4 dinners


Shared boat transfer from/to Puerto Capitania/Ecoamazonia Lodge
Shared bus transfer from/to Puerto Maldonado Airport/Pier


Shared English-speaking naturalist guide

What's not included

  • Domestic Flights:
    • From/to Puerto Maldonado
  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extra Meals
  • Drinks
  • Tips

Dates and Prices

Arrival date

Important notes

If necessary, it is imperative to get your yellow fever vaccine at least ten days prior to departure. 

Weather conditions in the Amazon rainforest vary greatly depending on the two seasons: the wet season from December to May and the dry season from June until November. Regardless of the season, you have to be prepared for rain throughout the year, although it rains a lot less during the dry season.

Amazon rainforest packing list:

  • binoculars
  • waterproof hiking shoes
  • hat
  • quick-dry clothing
  • long-sleeve shirt
  • long-sleeve pants
  • strong insect repellent
  • strong sunblock
  • bathing-suit
  • case or protection for your camera and phone
  • personal medication. 

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