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Amazon Rainforest

Get your dose of incredible facts about the largest tropical rainforest in the world. Read about the features of the best lodges in the Amazon basin and learn about the captivating cruises on the longest river in the world. Discover riveting facts about the bewildering biodiversity of the jungle, its abundant wildlife, some of the most intriguing residents, and incredible medicinal plants. Do not miss our travel tips and find out what to expect, what to pack, and how to prepare for your incredible Amazonian experience.

10 Amazon Movies

Few directors have managed to capture the essence of the Amazon jungle on film. You must admit that the largest rainforest on Earth hosts such an abundance of life that it would present a challenge to anyone trying to shrink it to a 2-hour motion picture. Luckily for us, some daring filmmakers have taken the challenge and managed to dissect parts of this giant natural wonderland by focusing either on the nature, the culture, the history and even the spirituality of the area. They have gifted us these 10 exceptional Amazon movies and documentaries, each an opportunity to experience the wild beauty of this fantastic land.

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