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Everything you ever wondered about South America: travel tips, gastronomy, history, culture, fun facts, and much more… Start dreaming, learning and get inspired before packing for your South American trip.

top 13 food blog

What a better way to discover a culture than to try its food? In countries where every meal is a social experience rather than a mere act of sustenance, it is hard to not get sucked into the fascinating flavors of South American food and the tastes that define the food habits of Latin America. So, to lure you in, we have listed the top 13 food blogs that will give you direct access to the true essence of Latin American food.

 Best SA Travel Agencies

A simple Google search for the best South America travel agencies gives hundreds of results. While some offer group tours, others specialize in tailor-made and luxury tours. But with so many options, it’s hard to decide which ones are trustworthy, if their tours meet your travel needs, or if they’re even worth your money. So how do you know which are the top South American tour companies? Lost among the slew of tour operators that organize trips to any destination around the world, we’ve handpicked some of the best travel companies in South America that are focused solely on those destinations, which makes these agencies true experts in this region.

7 popular games of South America

Who does not like a fun game of darts or a challenging game of pool while sipping on their favourite drink with their friends? Pub or bar games are usually an excuse to socialise, meet people and make new friends. Things in Latin America are not too different and while you may stumble upon people playing pool, darts or fussball (table soccer) during your travels, you would be surprised at the variety of intriguing games that are completely exclusive to South America. To help you find these hidden gems off the beaten track we have prepared a list of some of the most unusual games you should try on your visit to South America. The 7 games below are played all year round so they are more than mere quirky facts about the continent.

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